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This isn't a traditional cross-country run. It combines running with scrambling, and maybe even a little parkour. Then you douse it all with adrenaline.

Your goal is to make it across the rocks, to the far side and back. Historically, this was first done by Sid Choquette in order to warn an oncoming train, but you're doing it to get the best time. You start from the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, and run counterclockwise for approximately 1km on the interpretive trail to the first Checkpoint. At CP1 you dive into the Frank Slide. There is no set route through the rocks, so you need to pick the best line. The Slide isn't flat either; it rolls like waves, so you need to keep your head up and get to high ground in order to see the next CP. Straight lines may not work out for you since the terrain is so varied, with some boulders the size of buses. Depending on your route, the course is approximately 5km, including the run at the start. The elevation depends on your approach but your heart rate will be way up there. It will be interesting to compare Strava afterward!

In order to minimize congestion on the singletrack, and when entering the rocks, you will start in heats of 20 racers every five minutes. Heats will be confirmed one week before the race, but the intention is to go by bib numbers (1-20, 21-30, etc.).

Each CP has a tall flag and a bag of coins; you must take a coin to prove you were there. You follow blue flags when heading out, and red flags when coming back. You have to reach each CP in numerical order. Once you reach CP7, you follow the trail back to the Centre and the finish line. The start and finish are recorded digitally.

While there is no set route through the Slide, the map below shows a point-to-point description. Blue lines lead you away from the Start, red lines lead you back to the Finish.

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